Protect your contents

BINDER's technology allows the distribution of high-quality digital audio / video content ensuring security, making it impossible to download, record or duplicate and consequently share or redistribute and protecting his value and copyright.


Stop to content piracy

Some audio / video content has a high production cost that must be safeguarded.

Some audio / video contents deal with sensitive topics intended only for authorized subjects that must be protected and not disclosed.

For example, companies that provide high value training courses are heavily damaged by piracy.

In the case of training courses the contents are often duplicated and shared between students and even resold at ridiculously low prices, causing very high profit losses, exceeding simple duplication.

BINDER protects producers of high-quality audio / video content from this phenomenon.

BINDER is also able to distribute audio / video content only to those actually authorized and to monitor their distribution in a capillary way.


Introducing Binder

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Up to come

An app that provides audio only to those who own a specific Bluetooth headset

Binder is able to play audio / video content only in the presence of authorized Bluetooth devices. Thanks to its technology, Binder can also use and authorize devices commonly available on the market.

Customized Bluetooth devices can still be supplied to the customer as a content distributor. With Binder, the authorized Bluetooth headset is paired with the end user's iPhone, only the owner of an authorized device can play the content on his iPhone, iPad or iPod.


The Solution against the duplication of audio/video contents

BINDER allows you to play an audio or video content only in the presence of an authorized Bluetooth device customized and distributed by the content provider.

Anti piracy

No audio / video playback without authorized device


The distribution and use of content is monitored


The Binder app can be customized with different levels of security


The content provider through a control interface, can activate users, manage content, monitor activities and manage blocking or restoring content

The BINDER technology platform can be customized according to customer needs.

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How does it work

BINDER works on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod
The content delivery backend is designed to ensure maximum security in content distribution and management of their use.






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